Flippin' awesome.

With Kickflip, you can add live video broadcasting to any app.

Live Video For All

Kickflip is a revolution in mobile video broadcasting. For the first time ever, any application can have high definition, live video broadcasting.

With Kickflip, the possibilities are endless.

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Example Code

[Kickflip setupWithAPIKey:@"API_KEY" secret:@"API_SECRET"];
[Kickflip presentBroadcastViewFromViewController:self ready:^(NSURL *streamURL, NSError *error){ 
    if (streamURL) {
        NSLog(@"Stream is ready to view at URL: %@", streamURL);

Kickflip.initWithApiKey(API_KEY, API_SECRET);
Kickflip.startBroadcastActivity(this, mBroadcastListener);

Kickflip features
  • Live Video Broadcasting
  • Global distribution
  • Infinately scalable
  • No Setup Time or Fee
  • Developer Friendly
  • Open Source
  • Free for Development

Best in Class Features

Kickflip has the best feature set of any video product around. It's the most powerful, the fastest, and the most developer friendly.

It's also orders of magnitude cheaper than any other video solution.

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Live Video Now!

Kickflip is designed for all types of developers, from independant developers to global media organizations.

You can try Kickflip for free right now. Add the world's best live video streaming solution to your apps in just a few minutes.

Instantly Scalable

Kickflip is built with an extremely powerful global cloud infrastructure. Worldwide content distribution is as simple as signing up.

Even uploads are globally regioned, so that your broadcasts are speedy from anywhere in the world.

Fully Open Source

Kickflip is proud to be Free and Open Source software. Our client libraries are completely open source, so that you can modify them in any way you see fit.

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