David Brodsky

by David Brodsky

Jun 9, 2014

Android Whisperer

Big news from Kickflip today! We're proud to announce the Kickflip now works with Google Glass, meaning it's not possible to add live video broadcasting to all of your Google Glass apps!

New Opportunities with Google Glass

720p video streamed from Google Glass with GlassCast

One of the most interesting aspects of Glass is the perspective of the camera. Video captured with a head mounted camera exhibits much more natural motion than one held in hand. Telltale camera shake that we've come to associate with mobile video is also significantly reduced. Google's heartstring plucking Glass ads are a testament to the fact that wearable cameras produce more intimate feeling video than was previously possible.

Meet GlassCast

When we got our hands on Glass, there wasn't a great way for developers to wrangle this new perspective. That changes today with GlassCast: free and open-source Glassware for broadcasting live video directly from your Google Glass. You can modify GlassCast or develop a brand new application for Android (including Glass), and iOS using the Kickflip SDKs!

Getting Started

All you need to try GlassCast is a free Kickflip Account. Sign in to your account dashboard to create a new Kickflip app for GlassCast.

Creating a new Kickflip app.

After choosing a name for your app you'll be presented with your Kickflip Client ID and Secret to bundle with your Glassware.

Retrieving the client keys for a Kickflip app.

Copy these keys into a file named SECRETS.java in the top-level src directory:

Create SECRETS.java:

$ touch ./app/src/main/java/io/kickflip/glasscast/SECRETS.java

Next copy your Kickflip Keys with the following format:

Build and Run!

To build GlassCast, run the following from the project root:

$ ./gradlew assembleDebug

Then connect your Glass and install the resulting .apk:

$ adb install -r ./app/build/apk/app-debug-unaligned.apk

To start GlassCast use the "Start Broadcasting" Voice trigger. To stop broadcasting, tap your Glass touchpad.

An Evolving Project

GlassCast is an evolving project, so open an Issue on Github and we'll get to it. We're still pondering how to best allow sharing of your broadcast from the Broadcast UI, for example.

Start Hacking!

You're free to use GlassCast as the starting point for your own Glass-powered broadcasting app! Remember that Kickflip's HLS video streams are distributed by a global CDN so they're ideal for broadcasting to very large audiences.

Check out GlassCast on Github!

Onward Ho!

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